applies to: Indyco Builder 2.6 +

feature available on: 

Enterprise Edition


  • indyco builder licensed with enterprise edition
  • indyco explorer enterprise edition available from your network
  • valid credential on indyco server: please contact your system Administrator for more information.
  • a local copy of a project already added to source control

Connect project on opening

While opening an indyco project connected to a version control, indyco will ask you to establish a connection to the server.

Working connected to your server is strongly recommended because it will enable a lot of useful features like notifications on other users activity, auto-update of locked elements and so on.

In case you cannot connect to the indyco server, you can choose to work offline: all your work will be saved locally, and it will be possible to commit later.

At any time, if you activate a feature that requires an active connection with the server, indyco will prompt you for credentials.


From View > Version control > History you can check the project history, inspect changes between versions and download a specific version of your project.

Download a version

The "Get latest version" button on the top bar [1] will download the latest version of your project and will open it into indyco.

Any modification made to locked items will be kept, while any other change will be overridden by the latest version.

From the details of a specific version you can click on "Get this version" [2] to download and open it.


To commit changes from your local working copy to server, open the commit view from View > Version Control > Pending Changes

From this panel you can review the list of your local changes, committing them to version control (a commit message is required) or reverting them.

The changes are computed against the version you where starting from, in case you need it you can always compare them against the latest project version.