applies to: Indyco Builder 2.7+

feature available on: 

Enterprise Edition


What is a lock

Locks prevent project items from being altered by others while you are working on it.

In a project under version control, you can lock:

  • Fact Schemata
  • Conformed Hierarchies
  • Custom Visualizations

Add a lock

To lock an item, right-click on the item you want to lock and click on "Lock Item".

When the item is locked an icon will be displayed:

  • Blue lock, locked by me
  • Yellow lock, locked by others

The lock status, if you're connected to version control server, is updated live.

A message will be displayed on every fact schema, conformed hierarchy and custom visualization to alert you of the current item's lock status.

Unlocked item

Item unlocked

Locked item

Remove a lock

To remove a lock from a project item: right-click on the locked item and click on "Unlock item".

Manage project locks

Locks can be managed from the Indyco Explorer Administration panel.

From here locks can be removed server-side by administrators.