Before publishing your project to a remote indyco Explorer instance, indyco Builder can display a locally generated indyco Explorer instance.

The local preview doesn't require any server component or database: everything you need is a project and a regular indyco Builder installation. 

You can activate the local preview from the "Explorer" menu:

A local indyco Explorer instance will be shown on the operationg system's default browser.

You can display the local preview also on other browser, by selecting the "Local preview on..." menu.

Please note that, compared to an indyco Explorer instance installed on a server, the local preview have some limitations

  • it can't be accessed remotely: only local connections are allowed
  • no more than one session is allowed: just one concurrent user is allowed
  • the site have no storage: comments, shared views and other similar feature are disabled
  • ⚠️the preview is intended for local navigation only, the project visualization could be different following the project publication