Connections to databases are established using Microsoft ADO.NET data access framework, thus the connection string format should be ADO.NET compliant.

To help you establishing a connection to your database, indyco Builder includes a graphical connection string builder tool: just select your database type and click on the "edit" button.

The graphical tool covers the common use cases and, most of the time, it is more than enough to establish a connection. 

In case you need more flexibility, indyco let's you insert the raw connection string. 

Here you can find a comprehensive list of connection string samples, in particular you can refer to:

DW Schema Owner

In Oracle, every database object is owned by a schema owner: this is equivalent to the schema in SqlServer. 

If you don't specify an owner for Oracle, it will select every database object for every owner- which includes all the system objects

Even in an empty database, this is a huge amount of data and will be very slow.

For this reason, we strongly advice to set a DW Schema Owner when working on Oracle databases!