One relevant feature of indyco Builder is the possibility of automatically creating a Microsoft Word document that contains the documentation of a project.

Select the "Generate Documentation" command within the "Tools" section. indyco Builder will ask you where to save the generated file, then it will start to generate the documentation (during this operation the project cannot be edited).

Once created, the document will be opened and Microsoft Word will show you a message asking to update some fields in the document. Basically, Word is asking you to update the table of contents at the top of the document (this must not necessarily be done at this time, it can also be done later).

The structure of the document consist in a table of contents, followed by a chapter for every data mart in the project and by a final chapter with the description of the conformed hierarchies.

Inside each chapter related to a data mart, there is one section for each fact schema containing its graphical representation plus glossaries of its measures and attributes. Finally, the hierarchy section includes a subsection for each hierarchy used in that fact schema.