Custom views are a powerful and flexible way to focus on a subset of your model or to highlight relations between elements (facts, dimensions and conformed hierarchies).

They can be generated automatically from your BI Fronted using our API, they can be built by end users directly within indyco Explorer or they can be generated into indyco Builder.

To create a custom view, select "Add new custom visualization..." from the Project view, or from the File > New menu.

A custom visualization editor will appear to:

  • edit name, description and tags 
  • add attributes or measures from your business model to your custom visualization
  • add computed attributes and measures

Custom views will be automatically sorted in folders based on the tags you provided. Custom views with no tags will be automatically grouped in a uncategorized folder.

When adding computed attributes or measure to a custom view, you have to specify a formula

While you add items to a custom visualization indyco Builder automatically builds an integrated graphical representation to highlight relations between selected elements.
Once published to indyco Explorer, your users will be able to drill down to the definition of every item and to switch from the custom view representation to the official business model definition and viceversa.