To better understand the impact of a change on a conformed hierarchy, you can quickly find all the fact schemas that use it across the whole project.

In the resulting view, cases where the conformed hierarchy is used at the dimension level (i.e., it is connected to the fact) from those where it is used at other levels (i.e., it is connected to an attribute).

From the project view

Right-click on a conformed hierarchy, then select 'Impact analysis'

From a fact schema

Right-click on any attribute of a conformed hierarchy, then select 'Impact analysis'.

Impact Analysis returns only direct usages. 

Example, given a project with:

- a conformed hierarchy "CH" that references another conformed hierarchy ("inner CH");

- a fact schema "FS" that references "CH".

Impact Analysis on "FS" returns only "CH", because "Inner CH" is not referenced directly from "FS" so It won't appear in "FS" Impact Analysis result.