applies to Indyco Builder 2.24+

Linked properties allows users to bind conceptual elements of an indyco project to elements of an external source model.

Import a source model

In order to create a new Linked Property you have to import a source model in your indyco Builder project.

At the moment, indyco Builder supports ERwin 4.x and 7.x as compatible source models.

The imported model will be displayed in the project view.

Create a Linked Property

Once the source model is imported you can create a new linked property selecting Tools -> Manage linked property definitions command

Linked properties can be defined for attributes, arcs, measures and facts and bindings can be validated.

Binding of conceptual entities

Linked properties can be filled in the properties panel of a DFM element.

All the elements of the source model previously imported are shown in a tree view. 

From here one or more elements can be selected as bindings.


The validation process consists in a basic check that verifies the consistency of the bindings with the imported source model.

Validation warnings are displayed in the validation summary.