Conceptual modeling is the key to build a better data platform: communication between business users and technical people has never been so easy.

Starting from indyco Builder 1.57 you can easily generate SQL DDL to put into action your conceptual model saving time and a lot of rework.

From Tools --> Project Options you can edit anytime all logical modeling preferences for your project and all options will be stored in your project, so you can set your tuning during any phase of your modeling activity.

A complete explanation of each option is available on this Support Section and from "?" buttons

When your project is ready for the deployment, you can run the Logical Modeling wizard.

Starting from Tools --> Logical Modeling menu, you can edit the logical modeling preferences. 

Every change you make to this wizard will be valid only for this run: this way you can experiment without affecting the "official" project setup.

Then, you can choose the datamarts that you want to prototype. In case an error is detected (i.e. conflicts between modeling preferences) it will be displayed on the Validation Summary section.

After choosing your SQL Database target indyco will generate SQL DDL scripts for you.

The Export Options will allow you to include primary keys / foreign keys constraint into the generated DDL scripts.

This version can generate DDL for the following SQL dialects:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySql
  • Amazon Redshift

Now you can discover more by reading Logical Modeling - Conformed Hierarchies.