Indyco enables to configure some categories of options for the logical modeling in order to customize your SQL DDL.

From Tools --> Project options, you can edit all logical modeling preferences.

From Tools --> Logical modeling, you can start the logical design and for the current session, you can edit the options on the fly.

In particular there are three kinds of options categories:

  • Profile
  • Naming convention
  • Type


indyco enables to apply three kinds of profiles to your logical modeling project which are Star Schema, Snowflake all and Custom.

Note: generating a DDL script using the Snowflake all is not the same as generating it with a Custom profile, even if the visible properties are the same! 


If you select 'Custom', indyco will apply logical modeling preferences that you have chosen from the 'Project options' (Profile).

Naming convention 

indyco enables to apply a naming convention for each element in the logical modeling, this means that the designer can choose the prefixes to use to identify fact table, dimension table, bridge table etc.


indyco can manage three different Temporal scenarios, the Rollback temporal scenario requires to change the structure of the tables involved adding three fields: From (Timestamp), To (Timestamp), Master. You can choose the naming convention of this additional fields.



indyco enables to edit the default type to attributes, measures and surrogates.


For the Rollback temporal scenario you can set the column default type for the additional columns (From, To, Master).