Indyco Builder has some features that allow designers to choose what portion of diagram has to been shown/hidden.

Each attribute can have attributes from his subtree (maybe its whole subtree) hidden on itself. So the designer could decide exactly what portion of diagram has to be rendered.

Below are presented the available commands.

Suppose to have following fact schema as starting point


In the contextual menu of each node you can find the Hide Node command


Executing the command results in the following diagram. 

The tooltip says how many attributes are hidden in target node andwhen something is hidden on a node, its represented with a dashed circle.

Hide Node can act on multiple nodes, and if you have selected more than one node, each selected node is going to be hidden in his direct ancestor.

If I hide third into first, its whole subtree is hidden in it, so the dashed circle is bigger. 

The resulting diagram is:


The same result could be obtained using Hide Subtree command, available in node contextual menu.


Obviously there are commands for showing nodes that are currently hidden.

Suppose to have the following fact schema as a new starting point.


Hiding fourth in second and third in first the resulting diagram is presented below:


In first contextual menu there are two commands that are going to unhide something: Show hidden nodes and Show subtree.

Show hidden nodes is going to unhide all the attributes hidden on first, the resulting diagram is:


Show subtree, instead, is going to unhide the whole subtree rooted in first, so fourth is going to be shown, too.


Now are going to be presented commands that act on a graph, instead of on a specific attribute.

Suppose to have the following fact schema as a new starting point.


The contextual menu shown clicking everywhere in the diagram provides four more commands: Hide All, Show All, Hide Descriptive Attributes and Show Descriptive Attributes.

Hide All is going to hide every NOT dimensional attributes, so the resulting diagram is:


Show All is going to show ALL the attributes in the diagram.

Starting from the diagram just above, the resulting diagram is:


Hide Descriptive Attributes hides descriptive attributes currently shown.

Starting from last diagram, the result is:


Show Descriptive Attributes is going to show the descriptive attributes directly hidden in a shown attribute.

Starting from last diagram, the result is: