Indyco Explorer requires a valid license for proper functioning. The license is provided to customers as an xml file in clear text format: this means that the license expiration date, the maximum number of concurrent users, and every other related information can be accessed any time.

The license can be read by the software either as a file or through an environment variable. In the absence of a valid license, the system will redirect all requests to the dedicated informative page.

Configuration via file

To provide the license through a file, place the indyco Explorer license file in the root directory of the application named as license.xml

Configuration via environment variable (docker)

Alternatively, you can pass the license through the environment variable ExplorerLicense. Set the variable's value to the license, ensuring to remove any line breaks.

ExplorerLicense = <license content without line breaks>

Updating the license

To update the license simply update the actual license with the new one.

If you are using the license file you don't have to shutdown or reboot the application, you can override the old license with the new one.

If you are using the environment variable you need to stop the application, update the value and start the application again.

WARNING: every license contains a cryptographic signature to prevent license tampering, so keep in mind that any changes made to the string will invalidate your license!

If you want to enable the License Server feature to allow the indyco Builder clients to retrieve it automatically read the related guide.