Indyco Builder Educational license can be installed on multiple machines of the same laboratory.

The installation of the application is managed via a standard Windows MSI, so it can be easily deployedusing any systems management platform that supports MSIs technology (i.e. Ansible, Microsoft SCCM and so on).

Share license settings across multiple machines

The license information are stored on the user's profile (under %appdata%\ICONSULTING\Indyco Builder) in two files: 

  • standard-license.xml (the license text) 
  • license-settings.json (additional license preferences).

You have to make sure these two files are copied under the user profile of every user logged into your machines.

If you are building your machines from scratch, the easiest way to accomplish this is to simply move the two files under the main profile (default under C:\Users\default\AppData\Roaming\ICONSULTING\Indyco Builder).

Otherwise you can instruct your systems management platform to  move the files on the user's profile at the next logon on the system.